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PPP Forgiveness Update

Small Business Administration record (“SBA”) announced that financial institutions of our size can begin to submit PPP applications to the SBA beginning Tuesday, January 19th. In anticipation of a large volume of applications, please refer to this page for information on how to submit a complete application through our online portal.

Working With Covid

Small Business Recovery Guide

Regardless of why you need an increase in sales, it’s important to take steps now. This small business guide will help you take action and prepare for funding or government grants.

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Find out about the Government support packages, managing employees and your business online, crisis planning and identifying how your business may look in the future.

Business planning

Planning is important for established small businesses and start-ups, to help you achieve your goals. Check out our templates and guides.


Calculator - Improve your profit

Discover how small changes across five key business indicators can build significant profit to your bottom line.

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Grow sales

Plan your marketing by continuing to develop your competitive advantage and capability, while developing campaigns to sell more to existing customers and finding new markets.

Infographic - Shorten your cash cycle

Understanding your cash cycle and its impact on your bottom line is essential for maximizing profit and maintaining the cash health of your business. The longer your cash cycles – the longer your journey to getting paid.

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Improve cash flow

Find out what you can do to improve the flow of cash into your business while protecting your profit margin, including monitoring the numbers, pricing and costing, reducing overheads and raising capital.

Case study

Running a business in these crazy times is undoubtedly a challenge, but Joe and Dawn Cruz from Cruz Construction in Rhode Island have managed to weather the storm with a reputation for hard work and excellence.

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Case study

The coffee industry is pretty mature, so you’d be forgiven for thinking that another coffee roasting company would be standing room only.

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Digital Marketing

Digital marketing checklist

There are several elements that should be considered when developing an online marketing strategy. Use this checklist to ensure you have them covered.

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If for whatever reason you’re not able to raise enough capital to start-up you might be able to get what you need by ‘bootstrapping’ (finding what you need through unconventional or low-cost methods).

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Thinking of starting a business?

Completing our Start-Up Health Check is quick and easy to do. It highlights the main things every start-up business needs to get right to succeed. - 10 min

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Need more profit? Try our calculator

Discover how small business owners can make small changes across five key business indicators to build significant profit to their bottom line.

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