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Get the support you need to start, recover, grow, or exit your business.


Find out about the Government support packages, managing employees and your business online, crisis planning and identifying how your business may look in the future.

Cash flow

Find out what you can do to improve the flow of cash into your business while protecting your profit margin, including monitoring the numbers, pricing and costing, reducing overheads and raising capital.


Plan your marketing by continuing to develop your competitive advantage and capability, while developing campaigns to sell more to existing customers and finding new markets.


Strategies to help you plan your exit and let go. This includes how to value your business, delegating control and passing the business to the next generation.

Tools & Templates

Practical small business templates, calculators and self-help tools you can use to test your own financial scenarios.

Break-even Calculator

Re-calculating your breakeven point helps you set new targets. Experiment with different pricing, overhead costs and margins to identify what your business may look like in the future.

Building capability and capacity

To meet the demands of increased growth, it’s likely that you’ll need to increase your capacity and capability

Ten ideas to build competitive advantage

There must be some compelling reason for people to do business with you rather than with other businesses so the need to have a clear differentiator is important.

Online tools to make life easier

Small business apps can help your new business in multiple ways.

Develop your competitive advantage

A clear competitive advantage (what you are better at doing than anyone else) is crucial to your business being able to succeed.

Promoting your business through social media

Interacting over the internet has become an accepted part of the business marketing mix.

Finding new customers

There are five key things you can do to get new customers, probably best tackled in this order.

Digital marketing checklist

There are several elements that should be considered when developing an online marketing strategy. Use this checklist to ensure you have them covered.

Internet security and COVID-19 scams

Cybercrime has advanced along with technology.

Five steps to improve your marketing

These easy steps can help you figure out which prospects you want to reach,

Selling more to existing customers

It’s always easier to sell to existing customers than to new prospects

Driving online traffic to your website

The internet is an increasingly competitive and congested space to try and get noticed.

Email marketing to get qualified leads

There are a number of methods to increase online traffic to your website, but these are only effective if they become leads .

Latest Government and State help and support

As in most countries around the world, governments have passed legislation to provide financial relief to small businesses facing hardship due to the Coronavirus.

Shorten the cash cycle

Understanding your cash cycle and its impact on your bottom line is essential for maximizing profit and maintaining the cash health of your business. The longer your cash cycles – the longer your journey to getting paid.

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Avoid running out of money

A business can survive for a short time without low sales or profits, but not without a positive cash balance.

Calculating and reducing your cash burn-rate

If your business is under financial stress, there are actions you can take to minimize the impact .

Setting up online tools to run your business

If you can no longer talk to customers or employees directly, then you’ll need to work out how to keep the wheels turning by managing your business online.

Keeping employees productive from a distance

With many businesses forced to have employees work from home, a remote workforce may become the new normal.

Developing new products and services

Because markets are dynamic and constantly evolving, no matter how excellent your current products or services may be, they probably have a finite lifespan.

Identify what drives your business

Identify and monitor the key drivers of your small business to improve profitability and focus on what is most likely to grow your business.

Recovery checklist

This Recovery Checklist covers a number of ways you can rebuild and grow your business, from seeking new customers and new product or service development, to increasing your profit.

Budgeting for expansion

Expanding your business can be a difficult decision as there are risks involved when scaling up.

The six business numbers to track success

There are six main business measurements that should give you a regular snapshot of how your business is doing. For each we will outline what you can do to improve them.

How to improve your profit margin

Increasing sales might make more profit for your business but you should also consider increasing profit margins –especially if there is limited opportunity to increase sales.

Pricing and costing accurately

The price you set for your products or service should be high enough for you to make a profit, but realistic enough to encourage people to buy.

The benefits of buying another business

Successful business owners are those who are always looking for new ways to expand and grow their business.

Scaling your business to grow

Whether you’re developing new products or services, taking on larger orders or moving into the export market, business owners need to understand both the capacity and capability of their business so that scaling up can be achieved successfully.

How to collect what is owed to you fast

One of the most important rules for a successful business is to swiftly collect money that’s owed to you – it should be coming in faster than you have to pay it out.

Tactics to reduce your overhead expenses

If you’ve been reviewing your business’s financial position and are looking for ways to improve your cash flow, one of the first things to look at are your expenses.

The difference between net profit and cash flow

Sales and profit are two very different things – as a business owner, you can find yourself without the cash to pay bills despite making sales you knew were profitable.

Managing a cash crisis

Dealing with a sudden cash flow crisis, even if you’re working hard to avoid shortfalls, is hugely distracting.

How SBA loans work

SBA loans are really handy for business owners who might have trouble qualifying for a traditional loan.

How to prepare your SBA loan application

Regardless of which loan you’re applying for, there’s paperwork that applies to all of them.


If for whatever reason you’re not able to raise enough capital to start-up you might be able to get what you need by ‘bootstrapping’ (finding what you need through unconventional or low-cost methods).

What you should know about angel investors

Angel investors are usually successful entrepreneurs, retired business owners or corporate executives in search of investment opportunities with promising businesses

Applying for an SBA loan

Whether you’re looking to expand your business, purchase equipment, real estate, or refinance existing debt, a Small Business Administration (SBA) Loan can assist with alternative financing to help your company grow.

Alternatives to raising capital

Before you go down the path of seeking capital from outside your business or borrowing funds, identify any other ways of raising capital.

How to value your business before selling

One of the most important things to get right as part of your exit strategy is making sure your business is accurately valued.

Organizing your business for sale

It’s important to start organizing your business for sale as early as possible so you can sell when your business is in good shape. If you plan ahead, you’ll be more ready when the time comes.

Preparing for due diligence

If you’re planning to put your business on the market, any buyer with sense is going to do their ‘due diligence’ before considering making an offer.

Minimize the risk for a new owner

Whether you’ve found the right buyer or you’re handing it over to family, you’ll want to ensure you’ve minimized the risk as much as possible for the new owner.

Selling your business to family

If you’ve started, run, and grown a successful business that’s a family concern it’s likely that you’ll want to sell it to family members who’ve worked with you.

Creating a NDA sales confidentiality agreement

When you decide to sell your business, you’ll need to provide enough information for a potential buyer to make a decision.

How to delegate control and let go

Learning to delegate control and then letting go of the reins entirely is important if you’re selling to family or looking to be less involved in the business on a day-to-day basis.

Ways to exit your business

To help create an exit strategy, spend time giving careful thought to who may take over your business once you’ve gone.

Selling your business checklist

If you’re thinking about selling your business, it’s important to first work through the details that will help you maximize your price and make your business more attractive to potential buyers. We’ve compiled a checklist to help you out.

Latest news, updates and help

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Five questions to answer in a crisis

As every business is unique and faces different circumstances, documenting the actions you’ve taken before you contact support organizations will give better insights to how they may be able to help your business going forward.

Cashflow forecast template

Use our cash flow template in your business plan to create forecasts for your small business. Understanding cash flow is essential when applying for small business loans and grants.

Business plan template

Business plans are useful when applying for small business loans or applying for government grants. Set out where you intend your small business will go in the next 1-2 years by completing our business plan template.

Marketing plan template

Use this template as a blueprint for targeting new customers and re-evaluating your competitive advantage.

Business Start-up Guide

If you’ve come to the point where the promising business idea floating around your head simply needs to take on a physical existence, relax and follow the steps outlined in our business start-up guide.

Double your sales in 90 days

Regardless of why you need an increase in sales, it’s important to take steps now. This growth guide will help you take action.

Five ways to increase profit

Discover how small changes across five key business indicators can build significant profit to your bottom line.

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Small Business Recovery Guide

Regardless of why you need an increase in sales, it’s important to take steps now. This small business guide will help you take action and prepare for funding or government grants.

Discount calculator

You may think twice about discounting when you see how much you’re giving up.

Start-up revenue template

Use this template to quickly work out a ballpark estimate of the revenue potential of your business or idea. Useful when applying for small business loans and business funding.

Start-up costs template

Calculate how much money you’ll need to have before you start up your new business.

Business feasibility healthcheck

Completing our Start-Up Health Check is quick and easy to do. It highlights the main things every start-up business needs to get right to succeed.

How to improve your profit margin

Growing your business could be achieved by growing profit rather than sales.

Internet security and COVID-19 scams

Cybercrime has advanced along with technology. It doesn’t matter if you have 1 or 100 computers connected to the Internet – understanding the threats posed by cybercrime and training staff to spot them is a must for doing business.

One Page Plan - New markets

Download this one page pdf document to quickly record your plans for your small business to explore new markets.

One page plan - Competitive advantage

It's more important than ever for your small business to have a competitive edge to ensure survival. This One page pdf plan helps you to quickly map out a strategy.

Business planning tools for small business

Planning is important for established small businesses and start-ups, to help you achieve your goals. Check out our templates and guides.

Recovery checklist

This Recovery Checklist covers a number of ways you can rebuild and grow your business, from seeking new customers and new product or service development, to increasing your profit.

Should you go into business

If you’ve come to the point where the promising business idea floating around your head simply needs to take on a physical existence, relax and watch our brief video introduction to business, then follow the steps outlined in our business start-up guide.

How to set a price

Setting a price is like walking a tightrope. It’s a balancing act between pricing too low – and not making a profit – and pricing too high and forcing your potential customers to look elsewhere. Thankfully, you can take the guesswork out of pricing and remove the risk by simply calculating the fixed and variable costs.

Business planning

Building your small business without a business plan is like going for a boat trip without knowing where you’re going or how you plan to get there. This short video outlines why you need one.

Competitor analysis

The more you know about your competitors, the easier it is to market your strengths and win customers. This short video outlines some techniques to find out more about businesses you compete against.

Is there a market

Do you have a great business idea or just a flight of fancy? This short video will outline how you can figure out if there are enough customers to make your new idea viable.

Building a profit plan

Every business wants to improve profits – but deciding on the right course-of-action to get there can be tricky. This short video will outline how you can get started on your own profit plan.

Cruz Construction

Running a business in these crazy times is undoubtedly a challenge, but Joe and Dawn Cruz from Cruz Construction in Rhode Island have managed to weather the storm with a reputation for hard work and excellence.

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Scott Sanborn and Brenda Kerr from HarborOne talk about the bank's history, it's culture and how the bank is bringing holistic relationships for the benefit of customers.

21 min

Small Business Saturday

Celebrating our local small businesses today and every day

Mike Shea’s Coffee Roasting Company

The coffee industry is pretty mature, so you’d be forgiven for thinking that another coffee roasting company would be standing room only.

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SBA Paycheck Protection Program Forgiveness Update

Small Business Administration record (“SBA”) announced that financial institutions of our size can begin to submit PPP applications to the SBA beginning Tuesday, January 19th. In anticipation of a large volume of applications, please refer to this page for information on how to submit a complete application through our online portal.

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