Tools & Templates

Practical small business templates, calculators and self-help tools you can use to test your own financial scenarios.


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Cash flow forecast template

Use our cash flow template in your business plan to create forecasts for your small business. Understanding cash flow is essential when applying for small business loans and grants.
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Business plan template

Business plans are useful when applying for small business loans or applying for government grants. Set out where you intend your small business will go in the next 1-2 years by completing our business plan template.
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Marketing plan template

Use this template as a blueprint for targeting new customers and re-evaluating your competitive advantage.
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Start-up revenue template

Use this template to quickly work out a ballpark estimate of the revenue potential of your business or idea. Useful when applying for small business loans and business funding.
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Start-up costs template

Calculate how much money you’ll need to have before you start up your new business.
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Completing our Start-Up Health Check is quick and easy to do. It highlights the main things every start-up business needs to get right to succeed.
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One page plan - New markets

Download this one page pdf document to quickly record your plans for your small business to explore new markets.
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One page plan - Competitive advantage

It's more important than ever for your small business to have a competitive edge to ensure survival. This One page pdf plan helps you to quickly map out a strategy.


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Re-calculating your breakeven point helps you set new targets. Experiment with different pricing, overhead costs and margins to identify what your business may look like in the future.
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Discover how small changes across five key business indicators can build significant profit to your bottom line.
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You may think twice about discounting when you see how much you’re giving up.

Step by step guides

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Business Start-up Guide

If you’ve come to the point where the promising business idea floating around your head simply needs to take on a physical existence, relax and follow the steps outlined in our business start-up guide.
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Small Business Recovery Guide

Regardless of why you need an increase in sales, it’s important to take steps now. This small business guide will help you take action and prepare for funding or government grants.